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The Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System

Kim’s complete system for writing successful sales copy from start to finish. Packed with valuable tactics, tips, examples, and critiques on headlines, leads, fascinations, offers and closes, funnels, emails and lifts, and much more! Plus you get Playbooks to make it quick and easy to refer back to this A-list-level training again and again.


Research Beast gives you an efficient, proven, and powerfully effective six-step process for doing copywriting research. It’s the same process Kim’s used to create dozens of successful promos. Not only can her research process help you write stronger, higher-converting copy, it can save you time and make writing your copy far easier. You get all the tools, templates, examples, checklists, and training you need to dive in right away!

Million-Dollar Controls

In this program, Kim reveals the control-beating secrets that she and other top A-listers use to rack up six figures or more in royalties per successful promo. You’ll get to hear from Kim first-hand as she pulls back the curtain on six of her longest-running, “unbeatable” health and supplement promos and gain highly profitable insights you can apply to your own copy.

Supplement Copy Boot Camp

A master class in writing successful supplement copy from A-List copywriter and supplement marketing maven Kim Krause Schwalm. You get access to 5 in-depth workshops where Kim covers why the supplement market is different… how to give your supplement promo the huge edge it needs… how to beat controls and launch new products… best supplement offer and closing tactics… client-getting secrets… and more! Plus you get in-depth training on supplement copy compliance, along with the same contract and royalty agreements Kim uses herself.

What’s my “special sauce”? All of my trainings are based on…

My 3 Pillars of Getting Dangerously Good at Copywriting

PILLAR #1— Wildly effective work:

  • Clients come back to hire you again and again—you’re their “go to” copywriter
  • You keep raising your fees and clients jump at the chance to pay you more
  • Your first drafts come back from the client with minimal changes and comments
  • Other copywriters sweat when they hear you’re going up against their control
  • You write promos that become so successful, they’re able to be used for years
  • Your work precedes you, impressing potential clients (“Did YOU write that?”)

PILLAR #2— Killer client management:

  • You ruthlessly screen potential clients and know which “red flags” to look for
  • You lock down projects on your terms with bullsh*t-minimizing contracts
  • You expect to be treated as the professional you are, and never settle for less
  • You are in control of your schedule, deadlines, and workload—not the client
  • You confidently turn away less-than-desirable projects, leaving the door open for better ones to come along
  • You consistently begin earning more while working less, with fewer hassles

PILLAR #3— Nailing the bigger picture:

  • You understand what’s working in your niche and use it to your advantage
  • You bring deep knowledge and expertise to the table that sets you apart
  • You maximize the success of your promos by helping to craft better offers
  • You provide valued input to ensure your projects are more successful, rather than simply being seen as an “order taker”
  • You see opportunities beyond the project in front of you, generating more revenue for you and your client and making you an invaluable business partner
  • You position yourself for more lucrative arrangements such as ongoing retainers, royalties, and/or revenue share deals

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