Kim’s written dozens of successful promotions for top direct response companies, helped launch and grow entire businesses, and mentored many of today’s most talented, up-and-coming A-List copywriters!

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Here’s what some of Kim’s clients and colleagues have to say about her work…

“Beats controls left and right!”
“There are a handful of copywriters who have been consistent, reliable and incredibly versatile during my 35+ year career in direct response marketing…and Kim Krause Schwalm is in that elite group. Kim continues to beat controls left and right for a wide variety of marketers, online and offline…and since leaving Boardroom/Bottom Line in 2015 (where Kim wrote many successful packages for me), I have brought Kim in on some projects with some of the most dynamic clients and mastermind members in my ‘new world’ with equally stellar results.

Kim always writes copy that grabs the audience’s attention; and because of her extensive background in marketing and not just copywriting, she understands all of the nuances of direct response. And she is a delight to work with. Every copywriter should follow Kim’s lead in paying as much attention to every aspect of a project…front end, back end, and everything in-between. And if that was the case, we’d have many more world class copywriters.”

—Brian Kurtz, Titans Marketing LLC

“One of the top copywriters on the planet!”
“Kim is one of the top copywriters on the planet, and I don’t think anyone in her world would disagree with that. She has beaten controls by the best-of-the-best—including guys like Jim Rutz which, if you know who he is, you know that’s no small feat. If you ever get the chance to learn from her or work with her, you’d be foolish to pass it up.”

—Ben Settle, Top Email Copywriting Expert

“My highest recommendation!”
“I’ve been writing copy for my own businesses and for a handful of clients for almost a quarter of a century. And I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to be a top copywriter. And ‘what it takes’ is something that very, VERY few people have. That’s why you can count the A-listers on just two hands. Kim Krause Schwalm is one of those very, VERY few people. If you’re lucky enough to get her attention… get her interested in your project… and IF you can get on her calendar… you would be insane to not hire her. She has my highest recommendation.”

–Doberman Dan, Renegade Copywriter and Serial Entrepreneur

“An absolutely top-level writer!”
“Kim works with the best clients out there (I know, because some of them are my clients as well!). She is one of the very, very few writers I recommend when someone is looking for—and can afford—an absolutely top-level writer.”

—David Deutsch, top A-level copywriter

“One of our top ‘go-to’ copywriters!”
“Kim has written several successful marketing promotions for us over the years. She’s one of our top ‘go-to’ copywriters when we’re looking for our next hot control. Kim is diligent about doing her research and her copy shows it…she knows how to get results!”

—Lee Euler, President, Green Valley /Hyperion

“8-for-8 getting controls!”
“If I haven’t said it enough, we are thrilled with your work! You commit to a deadline and keep it…Your writing is crisp, sharp, and powerful…You really immerse yourself [and] go beyond what we send you…The proof is in the results. So far you are 8-for-8 getting controls!”

—Garret Wood, President, Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals

“Increased response by 50%!”
“I was introduced to Kim through a mutual business associate and after reviewing her work, decided to recommend her to one of my clients [National Geographic] who needed a big creative breakthrough. She delivered a direct mail package that increased response by 50%! As importantly, Kim was a pleasure to work with. She takes direction well, works hard to understand the product, and adds valuable insights to her assignment. I’d recommend Kim to anyone needing a fresh creative approach to their marketing.”

—Pat Corpora, President, Corpora Consulting

“Keeps getting control after control!”
“What can I say about working with Kim? Her copy is always amazing and extremely well -constructed, which makes my job as a designer SO much easier. She’s fun and easy to work with and we get control after control. Does it get any better?”

—Rob Davis, Owner, Rob Davis Design

“Copy that boosts sales and profits!”
“Kim is an excellent writer who brings her expert-level marketing background to every project. She does the proper research required and then some and can focus on a problem and suggest various ways to solve it. She is a team player and on time. Her control copy has helped boost sales and profits for many of our clients over the years both in health and financial. We couldn’t get these BIG WINNERS without her!”

—Lori Haller, Owner/President, Designing Response

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Kim takes on a limited number of client projects, but can connect you with copywriters she’s personally trained and mentored. Reach out to Kim with any copy needs you have here.