It’s Your Turn to Become
Copywriting Royalty…

Kim Krause Schwalm’s Mentoring Can Get You There!

Whether you’re looking to dramatically improve your copywriting skills…work with higher-quality clients…or get your copywriting career off to a great start, Kim can give you the unstoppable edge you need to succeed in today’s most lucrative and competitive niches.

Kim Krause Schwalm and her mentorship experience is all about creating copywriters who are best in class in the three most important categories: their copywriting skills, their client management, and their understanding of the marketing landscape.

But most importantly? It’s about helping people use the craft of copywriting to create what they want in life. For some, that might be more time with their kids… for others it might be netting $200-$500k or more a year. Whatever the goal, Kim’s guidance, hard-won wisdom, and mentorship will help them get there.

So join us, and let’s become impossible to ignore—while living kickass lives of freedom, financial stability, and flexibility.

Kim’s worked with many of today’s up-and-coming and in-demand copywriters as a mentor and copy chief. Just a few of her many success stories include…

Roman Alvarado and Tara Waetcher, two top copywriters now racking up six figures a year in the health, supplement, real estate, and/or biz opp spaces.

Roman says, “It’s crazy how much Kim helped me in such a short period of time. It’s truly been a game-changer!”

And Tara says, “Being mentored by Kim was a dream come true. I was right at that point in my career where my learning needed to go beyond books and courses. I needed a mentor. And what a mentor! …She even helped me negotiate my first royalty deal!”

Ryson Owens, who became a copywriter at Money Map Press and treated Kim to dinner in Baltimore at a fancy steak house to celebrate his first royalty check! Ryson now co-owns and runs a fast-growing publishing and supplement company.

He has this to say about Kim: “The copywriting dream is real and I never could have done it without Kim. She’s an absolutely amazing person and I’m blessed that she took me under her wing. If you truly want to be a successful copywriter, she WILL help you get there.”

Jerrod Harlan, known for his email copy wizardry at one of the fastest-growing health companies, and who’s now also making his mark with long-form copy as a sought-after freelance copywriter. Jerrod and Kim celebrated him getting his first royalty-paying control while both were at a conference in Las Vegas.

Jerrod has this to say about Kim’s mentoring: “I can say, without a doubt, any investment into Kim’s training is a no-freaking-brainer… Being in her private mastermind has given me the courage to re-enter the freelance market—knowing I have the full support of one of the most connected, and accomplished, copywriters in the world.”

Ready to get started?

Here’s what you need to bring to the table…
  • A hunger and drive to put your “all” into becoming the best possible copywriter
  • A commitment to showing up, whether it’s for group calls or individual mentoring
  • A measure of financial stability that won’t have you going into debt or creating hardship as a result of doing one of Kim’s mentoring programs
  • A love and passion for writing copy, and a willingness to do reading, exercises, and other assignments to allow for feedback and ongoing progress
​Leave your rose-colored glasses behind…because becoming copywriting “royalty” takes grit and hard work. Kim will help give you the tools, training, connections, and support you need. The rest is up to you!

Here’s what just some of Kim’s many mentees have to say about getting her coaching and support…

“A no-freaking-brainer of an investment!”

“I’ve been a student of Kim’s in some capacity since the very beginning of my copywriting journey…whether it be from reading her weekly newsletter, attending her live Copywriting Velocity event, or being in her private mastermind. And I can say, without a doubt, any investment into Kim’s training is a no-freaking-brainer.

Just from attending her one event, I was able to score a job at one of the biggest natural health companies in the DR space. It led me to my first royalty-paying gig with an up-and-coming health company. And, I got to meet A-list copywriters who made me confident in immediately raising my rates. It was less than a year later I closed my first $10k sales letter gig. Being in her private mastermind has given me the courage to re-enter the freelance market—knowing I have the full support of one of the most connected, and accomplished, copywriters in the world.”

​—Jerrod Harlan, Top Email Copywriter

“Have TRIPLED my income since joining!”

​”Kim’s Fast Track to A-List program is the rocket ship you need to accelerate your copywriting career. I’ve tripled my income since joining it as a freelancer! This is all thanks to her training, network, and advice. I’m now more confident in writing long-form sales pages, too. The research process used to be my kryptonite. But just a few weeks into the program, I know exactly what to look out for to write convincing copy.

​This program lets you see how an A-lister thinks. Whether it’s listening to her feedback on our copy, reading her notes, or asking questions during the calls, I always get new insights to improve my skills. You’ll find value regardless of your level. That’s because her program drills you with timeless copywriting principles so you’ll always have strong fundamentals to tackle any copy assignments with confidence. If you want to level up your copywriting career and skills, you won’t regret joining Kim’s program!”

​—Alex Ko, Copywriter

“A complete turning point for my freelance copywriting career!”

Fast Track to A-List has been a complete turning point for my freelance copywriting career! If someone told me a year ago, I would accomplish so much in just a short time, I wouldn’t have believed them.

With Kim’s help, I’ve hit all my goals. And I’m not talking weekly or monthly goals either. I’m talking about goals I thought would take me years to accomplish.  Since starting the program, I’ve worked with some of my dream clients!

Her program not only accelerated my copy career, it made me a far better writer. Kim is a great leader and mentor, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to be in her program!”

—Jody Robertson, Copywriter

“More than DOUBLED my rates…on a clear path to go even higher!”

“Being in Kim’s private mentoring group is the edge you need to supercharge your copywriting career. Her extraordinary experience and instinct helped me to uncover the blind spots that were holding me back from reaching the next level. If you have the chance to work with her then this opportunity is a no-brainer. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced copywriter or are just starting out.

Kim’s training will give you everything you need to know to write killer sales letters that can keep royalties coming for years. But having her in your corner goes way beyond developing control beating copy skills.  She’ll also help you navigate the business as a professional who knows how to maximize deals. Since I started working with her, I more than doubled my rates. Now I’m on a clear path to go even higher from here!”

—Gabriel Baumstark, Financial Copywriter

“5X’ed my income in just 7 months!”

“Kim is one of the best coaches there are out there, hands down. I’m glad she took me under her wing because she was the key person to help me successfully transition from a 9-to-5-er to becoming a full-time copywriter in just 7 MONTHS. What’s more, my revenue increased by 5X (again, in a span of just 7 MONTHS) as a result of direct mentoring with Kim.

Because of everything I learned from Kim, I started to get noticed by heavy-hitters. I’m talking about writing 7-figure copy for people such as the late Clayton Makepeace, the $250 million man: Anik Singal, and others, including some of Russell Brunson’s ‘Inner Circle’ influential entrepreneurs. Kim’s ability to coach people is bar-none. If you can’t improve your copywriting skills and increase your revenue as a copywriter from Kim’s coaching, nothing will.”

—Eric Jee, Asian Copy Maniac

“From $250 Upwork copy jobs to $7-10k projects with quality clients!”

“I became a full-time freelance copywriter two months before joining Kim’s program.  I was gaining clients but I felt out of my depth.  I spent more time battling imposter syndrome and procrastination than writing copy. I had no real process around research, outlining the copy or bringing it all together into a final draft.

I joined Kim’s Fast Track to A-List program because I knew she could help me accelerate the trajectory of my business in a very short period of time. My hope was that she could give me the foundational skills and processes so that I could take on any copy project in any industry with full confidence. In a few short months, Kim turned that hope into a reality.

I’ve gone from $250 email copy jobs on Upwork to charging $7-10k+ for work with high-quality clients in my first year as a copywriter. Kim has given me a complete understanding of how to get into the head of the audience I’m writing to. She has given me a structure that works for me so that I can outline and move quickly to a final draft that converts. It has made a huge difference in how I interact with clients and in the copy that I’m able to produce.

Kim goes above and beyond to get to know you, your copy, and how she can best help you on your journey. It’s clear that she is heavily invested in everyone that she works with. I would highly recommend Kim as a copywriting coach, along with her products and courses, if you want to level up your career in a short period of time.”

—Brian Czekanski, Direct Response Copywriter, Mindset Copy

“Have gotten my foot in the door with some of my dream clients!”
“Kim’s copy feedback throughout her mentoring program is the fastest way to see the difference between ‘what you think you know’ and what you can actually write. That’s why her honest, response-boosting feedback is worth its weight in diamonds. Plus, this intimate mastermind is the best place to meet ‘copy buddies’ to bounce ideas off, share experiences, and get feedback on your copy.

Kim also helps you break into new markets and work with bigger, higher-paying clients. Thanks to Kim, I’ve gotten my foot in the door with some of my dream clients. I’m from the UK, and wanted to work with big US companies…but didn’t have a clue about how to approach them. Kim gave me the advantage I was looking for!”

—Roland Eva, Copywriter

“Coaching and mentoring that’s ‘kinda magic’!”

“Even before I started Kim’s Fast Track to A-List program, I called her the ‘Fairy Godmother of Copy Rock Stars’. I frequently saw her post and comment in a number of online copywriting groups, and it was impossible not to notice her generosity, knowledge, and wisdom. Now I’ve had the chance to work with Kim directly, and I can confirm she’s kinda magic.

Her eye and instinct for control-beating copy is insane, but it’s her talent for explaining the how’s and why’s of winners that sets her apart as a mentor. She’s also a shrewd businesswoman, and has invaluable advice on how to maximize your deals and charge your worth.

Since I’ve started her Fast Track to A-List program, I’ve not only gotten to see her process, I’ve gotten the tools and training to confidently write my first long-form sales letter. Which, thanks to Kim, I just got hired to write!

Not only is Kim one of the best copywriters out there, she’s a great teacher and coach. These are not interchangeable skills, yet she’s mastered the art of mentoring writers. Whether you’re a newbie or a rising copy star, Kim will give you as much as you’re ready to absorb.”

—Kristen Driscoll, Copywriter

“Raised my copy game tremendously!”

“Studying books, courses and handwriting sales letters is all well and good. But at some point, you’ve got to work with a pro if you’re serious about taking your skills to the next level. For years I’d been stumbling in my transition to writing emotionally charged health copy. I’d had some successes, but too many bombs. I needed help if I was going to ever iron out my mistakes and get my skills to where they needed to be.

Suffice to say, Kim has raised my copy game tremendously. This includes guiding me in creating a rock-solid foundation of research before I write, how to dig deeper to find the core emotions that will motivate people to buy and how to edit my copy ruthlessly before hitting ‘Send’. Best of all, working with Kim has shown me what it takes to perform at the highest level. And it’s led to me raising my own standards significantly, attracting higher caliber clients and feeling tons more confident of hitting home runs in every project.”

—Matt Ambrose, Copywriter

“One of my best teachers out of hundreds!”
“As an M.D. specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine and after two graduate degrees, I have had hundreds of teachers and professors over my almost 30-year medical career. There have been many great ones, who are famous in their field.  I will never forget Kim Krause Schwalm because she is one of the best teachers and mentors I have ever had in my life, period. I went from a newbie to actually feeling confident that I could be a freelance copywriter, in a very short period of time.

Kim is a master Artist, like a Michelangelo, who crafts her copy with strokes of genius, rooted in the timeless principles of the greats like Eugene Schwartz and Clayton Makepeace. She is passionate about mentoring, and as a student, her nurturing of my copywriting and entrepreneurial career has been life-changing. With Kim, you learn the methodology and Craft of writing killer copy, fast. But her teachings are principle-based that will work forever, not a paint-by-numbers formula.

Your surest, straightest path to becoming an A-list copywriter is through Kim. There is absolutely no one better to guide you.”

—Ed Hanada, MD, Rehabilitation Medicine specialist