Avoiding clients with “personality defects”

May 12, 2021

Convos with Kim

In recent months I’ve been having some fantastic conversations with top marketers and copywriters on various podcasts. But chances are you’re not always hearing about them!

So I thought I’d start a regular feature where I share one of my latest “convos with Kim”!

The one I’m about to share is especially timely, since a big part of what I talk about is watching out for clients with “personality defects”.

And part of that is simply steering clear of situations that put you at a disadvantage… plus knowing when a particular situation will give you a huge advantage.

It’ll all make sense once you listen to my latest interview on “Dangerous Numbers, Personality Defects, and The Coming AI Revolution” with top email copywriter and marketer John McIntyre on his “Drop Dead Copy” podcast.

There are plenty of potential clients out there in the wild world of copywriting you want to avoid like the plague. One of them unveiled himself in a recent post he did in The Copywriter Club Facebook group the other day.

In fact, I was going to share it here…but the next time I checked, his post had been deleted. But basically, he referred to a logo design site where he could get 40 designers to turn in a logo design for free, with the client picking the winning one (so basically only 1 would get paid…and 39 would have worked for free!)

And he wanted to know where he could find the copywriting equivalent. So he had the cajones to go into a group of 12,000+ copywriters and ask this question…and then wonder why so many were sarcastically replying and flaming him!

There are so many ways within your power…no matter where you are now…to make copywriting into a career that works for you and rewards you well. And if you do it right, you’ll not only work with better clients on your terms, you’ll be well-positioned to fend off any AI threats, too.

So take a listen, and keep an eye out for more on this topic in the coming days and weeks…