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Before I went freelance in 1998, I never worked a day as a copywriter. I was always a marketer who could write. So while working in companies as a Brand Manager, Associate Group Publisher, Marketing Director, and other roles, I also wore the hat of copywriter. I’ve worn many other hats as well: Business builder. Product launcher. Market researcher. Project manager. People developer. Leader. So I bring a much broader strategic focus and range of experience to every copywriting project I work on and every person I coach or mentor.


I’ve been writing million-dollar controls for top direct marketing companies as a freelance copywriter since 1998. I’ve created dozens of successful control promotions for Boardroom, Soundview, National Geographic, and many other great companies. I’ve written everything from direct mail magalogs, online sales pages, and video sales letters to email campaigns, print ads, packaging copy, funnel copy, website copy, and more.

Great Results!

If you’ve worked with other top copywriters, perhaps you’ve waited months to get a first draft…watched other deadlines come and go…and got met with steadfast resistance when you wanted to make changes. I’m not a “prima donna.” I believe in working with my clients to produce winning promotions that meet their marketing objectives, as well as delivering compelling copy on schedule. And my results speak for themselves. It’s no wonder the vast majority of my clients become repeat clients. Plus I train every copywriter I mentor to have the same professional work ethic.

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If you’re ready to take the next step with a seasoned direct response copywriter and copy mentor who’s focused on maximizing your marketing results, let’s start the dialog today. Click here to get in touch. If I’m not able to help you out, I can refer you to copywriters I’ve trained and mentored who can.

Services Offered:

I’ve worked with companies in the following industries: Health, Nutritional Supplements, Skin Care, Fitness, Financial, Books and Newsletters, Membership Organizations, Fundraising, Collectibles, and many more. I offer a wide range of copywriting, consulting, and coaching services, including:
  • Direct response copywriting for all your copy needs, including direct mail, sales pages, video sales letters, emails, landing pages, print ads, catalogs, websites, packaging copy, and more
  • Copy chiefing, coaching, and creative direction
  • Copy critiques and copy evaluation/editing
  • Back-end sales and retention strategy and implementation
  • In-house copywriting training and seminars
  • Speaking at conferences and other events
  • Product development and project management
  • Marketing consulting, including brand strategy and naming

A 20+ year track record of successful direct response promotions…

I’ve written dozens of successful direct response promotions for various products. They’ve generated hundreds of millions of dollars for my clients, and some have remained profitable controls for as long as 11 years (and counting!)

Clients often seek me out as that “unicorn” that can write high-converting long-form copy for online sales pages, video sales letters, and direct mail promos in competitive niches.

However, I also on occasion write shorter sales and landing pages, websites, email campaigns, sales funnels, and other needed to support successful launches or new promotions.

Over the past few decades, I’ve pretty much written every kind of copy for a wide range of products and services sold directly to consumers…and developed and directed marketing and brand strategy in my 13 years in marketing prior to becoming a copywriter.

If you’d like to discuss hiring me to write copy and would like to see any relevant work samples, please get in touch with me using the contact form below.

Client List:

I work with some pretty great companies, brands, and personalities, including…
  • Advanced Bionutritionals
  • Agora Financial
  • Amata/Dr. Christiane Northrup
  • Angel Publishing
  • Barton Publishing
  • Belvoir Publishing
  • Biocentric Health
  • Boardroom/Bottom Line
  • Bob Carlson’s Retirement Watch
  • BrainMD Health/Dr. Daniel Amen
  • Cabeca Health/Dr. Anna Cabeca
  • Cooper Strategic/Robert Cooper, Ph.D.
  • Cosway
  • Dr. Mark Hyman
  • Dr. Sara Gottfried
  • Eagle Publishing
  • Early to Rise
  • Econugenics/Dr. Isaac Eliaz
  • Greengate London
  • Green Valley Natural Solutions/Hyperion
  • Health Resources
  • Healthy Back Institute
  • Healthy Directions
  • Horizon Publishing’s Upside
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Institute for Vibrant Living
  • Intuit
  • Investing Daily (KCI Communications’ former titles)
  • I Will Teach You to Be Rich/Ramit Sethi
  • JJ Virgin
  • Kwik Learning/Jim Kwik
  • Lombardi Publishing
  • Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street
  • MBI, Inc.
  • National Geographic
  • National Leadership Academies
  • The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)
  • Nature Trade Center
  • Nexus Formulas
  • New Market Health
  • New Vitality
  • Oak Haven Massage
  • Oxmoor House’s Southern Living
  • Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute
  • Real Dose Nutrition
  • Reservage Nutrition
  • Riversol Skincare
  • Rodale
  • Saving Dinner/Leanne Ely
  • Schaeffer’s Investment Research
  • Shapeshifter Media
  • Solara Labs
  • Soundview Communications
  • Systeme 41 Skincare
  • The Truth About Cancer
  • Uniscience
  • Verlag Norman Rentrop
  • Vibratrim
  • Vitamin Research Products
  • Viva Naturals
  • Weiss Research
  • Wellness Mama
  • Zona Health
  • …and more!

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