Surprising secret to my copywriting success

Apr 1, 2022

Over the past few decades as a freelance copywriter, I’ve racked up a lot of big winners.

I’m talking about dozens of successful controls, some of which ran for as long as 11 years (in fact, that one still’s running)… and I’ve even beaten some legendary names along the way.

I’m not saying this to brag… because honestly, being good at writing copy is just PART of the reason I’ve broken glass ceilings and crawled my way up the copywriting “ladder” to A-list territory.

The other big factor just might surprise you…

It has to do with the CLIENTS I’ve worked with.

Not just the quality of the clients and the traits and talents they’ve brought with them, but the relationships I’ve developed and maintained with them.

I talk about all of this a lot in my Client Badassery Secrets e-book, which you can get for just a few hours longer at 50% off the already low price.

It’s SO essential to follow the filtering-out advice I give you starting on page 5 that helps you avoid the WRONG type of client and attract the RIGHT type…

The WRONG client is often in business for all the wrong reasons, has a lousy or “me too” product, doesn’t value copy or what it can do for their business, and wants to pay you McDonald’s wages…

(Here’s a hint: if they talk about how they’re “bootstrapping” their business, RUN!)

Not only will this type of client NOT be worth the time you spend writing copy for them…many times they’ll turn into a complete horror show.

Meanwhile, when you work with the RIGHT client (and trust me, I’ve worked with many an entrepreneur, not just big companies, and they’ve been some of my best clients)… it’s like you’re SIMPATICO!

There’s a “creative synergy” that happens when you’re able to bounce ideas off your client, take their experience and perspective into consideration, and then be able to go off and work your magic into something that becomes a blockbuster promotion.

That financial promo I wrote years ago that beat Jim Rutz? (the first time I beat him…)

It came out of a “creative synergy” and wonderful collaboration with the marketing manager I worked with as far as the overall format and approach.

The 10-year joint supplement control I wrote after my first effort bombed, and went on to earn me hundreds of thousands in royalties?

It came out of a “creative synergy” with my entrepreneur client where we calmly assessed what went wrong the first time and revisited one of my earlier copy platform ideas that turned out to be a huge winner.

You want to work with good clients who can bring their own ideas and experience to the table, but not browbeat you upside the head forcing you to do what THEY want or do it their way.

You want them to respect you, give you the space and time you need, and pay and incentivize you so it’s a win/win relationship vs. a win/lose (with YOU losing).

I definitely “kissed a few frogs” along the way, but in general I’ve been able to dodge these bullets before I got locked into working with them… all by following the tips, tactics, and techniques I reveal in my Client Badassery Secrets e-book.

You’ll want to get your hands on it while you still can at 50% off. The price goes back up at midnight Pacific time to $99 (still a ridiculously-low price).

Go here and get it now… and let your “creative synergy” fly!

Yours for smarter marketing,