The cure for client jacka*sery

Apr 1, 2022

I’ve been talking a lot about “mansplaining” lately, but that’s far from the worst thing that happens to both women and men when we’re dealing with clients…

There’s a lengthy list of bad behavior, costly hassles, and other shenanigans that can make your freelancing or business life miserable.

That’s why you have to find ways to shut this client/boss/colleague “jacka*sery” DOWN before (or as soon as) it starts.

I know I’m “supposed” to be promoting my Client Badassery Secrets e-book that gives you my best-kept, hard-won secrets for charging higher fees, landing better clients, and avoiding the typical client BS (because those 50% savings off the already-low price disappear at the stroke of midnight Pacific time tonight…)

But right now I want to share with you just a few of the many stories and tactics I revealed in a podcast interview I did with Angie Colee last year on “Setting Boundaries Like a Boss”.

Definitely take a listen and I’m sure, no matter your gender, experience level, or whatever you actually do for a living, you’re going to discover some new ways to fend off soul-sucking, problematic behavior in your business and personal life.

Here are just a few highlights…

Starting at 8 minutes in, I talk about the self-limiting beliefs that keep us from standing up for ourselves. Bullies (they’re everywhere) LOVE it when we let them steamroll and walk all over us… but you don’t have to let them do it!

About 10 minutes in, I explain why it’s SO important to call people out for bad behavior… and the sooner, the better. I give you the exact two-sentence script I used to get out of an uncomfortable situation not just once, but twice (and went on to work with both clients for many years afterwards and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from each of them).

It’s a two-sentence script you can use for many situations, including sexual harassment (like when a client says out of the blue “why don’t we stop and get a hotel room” when you’re meeting them for the first time in person and you’re riding in their car on the way to lunch.)

YEP, it really happened… it’s not that unusual, ask any woman… I SHUT THAT SH*T DOWN RIGHT AWAY with that simple script… without hurting the client relationship one iota.

This simple script I shared in my interview (and the other tactics I reveal in my Client Badassery Secrets e-book) let you put people “on notice” that their bad behavior will NOT be tolerated… without attacking them and putting them on the defensive, and giving them a way out while saving face.

It’s essential for developing your own “Zero Jerk Tolerance” policy I talked about in my last email. But that’s not all…

About 13 and a half minutes into my “Setting Boundaries” interview with Angie, I talk about scripts and tactics you can use when dealing with less toxic — but just as costly and annoying — client behavior… like the dreaded “scope creep”.

I’m talking about those “little” things the client starts throwing in after the project’s started that have you thinking “this is not what I signed up for”.

Then there’s the lump in your throat you get when it comes to quoting a project for a new client. You KNOW you need to be charging more… but you’re too scared to do it.

At about 18 minutes in, I’ll tell you what happens when you quote too low… and how it sets you up not just for feelings of deep regret as you spend way too many hours and realize you could have made more money flipping burgers at McDonald’s…

But also how it makes you a sitting duck for disrespectful client or boss “jacka*sery”

The sooner you’re able to get comfortable (or more comfortable than you are now) at standing up for yourself, the more successful you’ll be and the less BS you’ll have to deal with in your life.

And the more you stand up for yourself, the easier it gets, and the better it makes you feel about yourself.

So take a listen to my interview with Angie here. And if you like what you hear (or just prefer to read everything I have to say on this topic and then some), make sure you grab a copy of my Client Badassery Secrets e-book while you can still get it for half-price.

Simply go here to get it now. These special savings expire at midnight Pacific time tonight!

Yours for smarter marketing,