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Client Badassery Secrets is every freelance copywriter’s MUST-HAVE book. It’s packed with an incredible amount of valuable tactics and insider secrets to help copywriters negotiate higher fees, find good clients (and steer clear of bad ones), deal with difficult clients or issues when they arise, manage a thriving, bullsh*t-free freelance business, grow their careers and earnings, and much more.

And it’s coming from an experienced, A-List-level copywriter who’s worked with some of the best clients, some of the worst clients, and everyone in-between… plus brings the client-side perspective, having worked at a top direct response company as a marketer who hired freelancers before going freelance herself.

Kim tells it like it is and shares her hard-won secrets for launching, running, and growing your freelance copywriting business… avoiding headaches, hassles, and nightmare clients… and boosting your earnings while enjoying greater freedom and flexibility.

Discover hard-won secrets you can use to growyour freelance copywriting business, increaseyour earnings, and avoid client hassles and headaches must-have book…

This invaluable, instantly downloadable e-book is packed with Kim’s “golden” rules for launching, running, and growing your freelance copywriting business… avoiding headaches, hassles, and nightmare clients… and goosing your income skyward fast.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover…

  • How to land good clients when you’re just starting out and have no proof of results. Why you don’t have to share numbers (and when you shouldn’t even if you had them). Plus my 2 favorite ways to get clients that are willing to “commit” right away and pay you fairly to boot.
  • The truth about “spec” copy—part 1: The one thing you must ALWAYS do before you agree to write a word of copy for a client. If you don’t, it could leave you high and dry, or at the mercy of a client’s whims.
  • The truth about “spec” copy—part 2: How to structure your deal so you make sure you get paid. Plus how to ask for a royalty or performance bonus when writing emails or headline/lead tests.
  • What NEVER to budge on with a client. If they want you to hop on a kick-off call, start doing research, or otherwise engage with their project before they do THIS one crucial thing, stand your ground firmly. Otherwise you could lose potential income and precious time.
  • Free rewrites? Guaranteed results? Are they crazy? Here’s my take on what’s reasonable… what you should charge extra for… and what’s beyond the pale when it comes to these types of client requests.
  • A-Lister’s proven secret to landing that dream client. One top A-Lister I know swears by this clever technique. All it takes is a little “elbow grease” and thinking on your part… and it could lead you to a breakthrough project that kicks your copywriting career into high gear… or adds another blue-chip client to your roster.
  • How to know if you’re charging too LITTLE… and fix it so you give yourself a fat raise. These 4 surefire signs can clue you in so you know what to do next!
  • When it makes sense to hire a lawyer to review a client’s contract. Plus how to read through it and decide what to push back on (yes, they CAN be changed!)
  • Beware of potential clients who try to dictate THIS to you. Here’s how to get them to work with you, or decide if it’s better to simply walk away. (There are plenty of “client fish” in the sea, so know when it’s time to say “buh-bye!”)
  • What to do if you’re starting your freelance business over from scratch. Two surefire yet often-overlooked tactics that can fill up your schedule and get cold, hard cash rolling in “tout suite”.
  • The one client “red flag” you must NEVER ignore. Use the screening technique to weed these potential nightmare clients out (they’re running rampant in the industry right now).
  • Clients like low fees, right? Wrong! Actually, low fees make you look like an amateur. Try these negotiating secrets to getting paid to never look like a “newbie” again.
  • The #1 secret to getting paid more. Do this one thing now and you’ll instantly elevate yourself in the eyes of your prospective clients… along with your fees.
  • A-List tips and tricks to making your website sell YOU to your clients. Whether or not you like it, your website is telling your prospect a story. Here’s the right way to tell it so you’re positioning yourself as a top-paid, highly-sought-after specialist.
  • The career-killing mistake to avoid if you take an in-house position. If your boss dangles this in front of you, just say “no”. If you don’t, you could be chained to your employer or destroy your earning potential for years!
  • Never do THIS when talking to a prospective client the first time. Makes them run in the opposite direction or drops your negotiating power exponentially.
  • Why writing long-form promos isn’t always the ticket to launching a lucrative freelance career. Here’s what you should focus on mastering at first instead. Much more likely to lead you to royalty riches later (and faster!)
  • How to gain greater trust (and more revenue) from clients. This simple yet highly effective approach lets you confidently close more deals much more profitably.
  • When to move on from a client you hate working with—without burning bridges. I share my own client horror stories from early on and lessons learned the hard way!
  • The Dan Kennedy secret to bulletproofing your freelance business. Don’t make this common mistake if you work on a retainer or 1099 basis with a client. Otherwise, you could 50% or 100% of your income evaporate overnight!
  • And much more!

Praise for Kim Krause Schwalm and her Client Badassery Secrets:

“If you aspire to be rich and famous as a freelance copywriter, this book is for you. Kim is a rock star in copywriting circles, and this is her ‘how-to’ guide of how to succeed as a highly-paid freelancer. She holds nothing back.

“For example, she reveals how to leverage the power of referrals to fill up your schedule with good clients and build a thriving freelance business. She’ll tell you how to avoid the nightmare clients who will take advantage of you and give you untold grief. She shares negotiating tactics for getting paid more money, and how to raise your rates and have clients say ‘yes.’

“In her own career, Kim has sat on both sides of the table-as both a client who hires freelancers and then as a successful freelancer herself. So she knows the strategies and tactics that work well to help you and your clients thrive. It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your career.”

—Gary Bencivenga, Business Owner and Retired Direct Response Copywriter

“Want to flourish as a copywriter? Read this book. Why? Irving Wunderman, brother of Lester, who coined the phrase Direct Marketing, said the big question when writing copy is, ‘To whom are you offering what ultimate benefit?’ The big question any writer should ask is, ‘How can I make more money?’ Kim’s book tells you.”

—Drayton Bird, Author, Commonsense Direct Marketing

“This book will help you steer clear of nightmare clients, including 7 types Kim identifies in hilariously accurate detail. She also lays out how to attract the dream ones, and confidently charge higher fees plus negotiate royalty deals-something I never did as a copywriter. I retired my client services, but who knows… If I’d had the info in Kim’s book 10 or 15 years ago, I may have hit my first million way sooner!”

—Laura Belgray, Author, Tough Titties, and Founder,

“Finally, a book with the balls to tell it like it is about clients and negotiations. Can I get an amen? This book ain’t just overdue, it’s criminally late! Kim talks about scrounging up the ones who pay well, getting every hard-earned dollar you deserve from them, and beefing up your confidence. You’ll be a negotiation ninja after reading this puppy. Best of all, with Client Badassery Secrets, you’ll step up your game, and your paycheck.”

—Lorrie “Lo” Morgan, Copywriting Mentor,