(Wo)mansplaining 101

Mar 31, 2022

Ask any woman, and she’ll tell you it’s happened to her…

Not just once or a few times, but countless times… to the point that it almost seems “normal” to have to constantly deal with thinly-veiled put-downs and annoying behavior, no matter how much experience you have in your field.

I’m talking about “mansplaining”… and here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

It’s a post I shared yesterday on LinkedIn…



This post had already been making the rounds on LinkedIn, and as soon as I posted it I got several likes, mostly from fellow female professionals.

But then just minutes later I got the following comment from a MALE copywriter (who I met a while back at a Dan Kennedy event) who decided he was having none of it…

He claimed the whole incident was “BS” and “trying to play into a narrative”.

Well, a quick Google search proved him wrong, at least as far as her credentials…


“Fishy”?? Like “mansplaining” isn’t really a thing? Or that a woman like McCarty couldn’t be a top expert in her field or be treated by a colleague (who’s not even remotely at her same level) in such a demeaning way?

Happens ALL the time, Everte! Hey, it just happened to me YESTERDAY… on LINKED IN! By YOU!

Now, he did try to be a gentleman about the whole matter, I give him that. But then he blew it when he said this next in response to another woman’s comment…


Holy crap, now posting this stuff “isn’t doing you ladies any good”… wow. So now it’s up to us women to fix the problem that men created with their “mansplaining”?

Even if it was a made-up story, it’s a perfect example that hopefully men (and women) can learn from and become more self-aware… and perhaps catch themselves doing and change their behavior if they find themselves prone to doing this.

You know, taking on some personal responsibility for becoming a better human being, instead of asking women to jump even higher through impossible hoops to change someone else’s behavior.

Sheesh… And you know what? I’m sure all of us have had a similar experience, including men. Yes, a little man-to-man “mansplaining” or even “womansplaining” isn’t beyond the scope of believability.

That feeling of someone talking down to you or making you feel stupid (so they can feel better about themselves). It’s not unlike some of the demeaning and downright toxic client behavior we’ve all had to deal with from time to time.

How do you keep your head up? How do you make them respect you, right from the start of the relationship, and put the brakes on any of the usual client “BS” and shenanigans before they even happen?

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Yours for smarter marketing,


P.S. You don’t need anyone — including a current or prospective client, or even a colleague or co-worker or boss — undermining your confidence.

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